Best Blenders for 2022 – Can Another Blender Beat Vitamix?

Osterizer Blender

Recently I went on a blender hunt as a gift for a cousin and spent a lot of time researching the best blenders for 2022.

What I found really surprised me!  I’ve had the same wedding-gift Oster Osterizer blender for more than 25 years. I’m certain it only cost about $25 back then.

So imagine my shock when I found blenders that could cost $500 or more! What could I possibly need to blend that would justify the expense? Maybe if I ran a smoothie shop? Maybe if I need to blend a giant frog?

Regardless, I needed to learn more because my cousin is a full fledged foodie. I wasn’t about to send her just any old blender I could find. I wanted to find her a blender that would make her feel like a blending superstar, something I knew she would really want but wouldn’t splurge on for herself.

Best Blenders for 2022 Features – How to Compare the Blenders

During my research my first thought was how in the world am I supposed to compare something that really just does one thing. Yet there are some nuances and considerations.

Blender Power

This can vary and there are a couple of things you need to pay attention to. The first is what’s the difference between power watts and blending watts. Basically power watts refers to the maximum wattage at which the machine can operate under heavy load. Blending watts refers to the normal wattage used when running the blender. You also may run into horsepower, which I find to be pretty confusing since horsepower changes based on the speeds and load of the motor. I would use the wattage as an apples-to-apples comparison point.

What’s important: The greater the wattage, the more powerful the blender. But blades do play a roll in this as well.

Blender Speed

Often speed is referred to in RPMs (revolutions per minute) but it seems in the blender world this is just too much information to provide to the consumer. What you’re left with are speeds that describe the function you want such as crush ice, make a smoothie, or blend. In some you simply get three settings: high, medium, and low.

What’s important: I think is you do want more speeds than “on” and “off” and you will certainly use a pulse function.

Blender Capacity

Finally there’s some standards here. Capacities describe the size of the jar that contains the blending blades. These can range from single-serving size 14oz or smaller containers to Big Gulp sized containers of 64oz to 72oz or more. The important thing to remember about capacity is how much blending to you think you’ll need? Just be aware that the larger the jar the harder it is to blend smaller batches as the blades can throw the mixture to the sides of a larger jar and not actually blend it all that well.

What’s important: Are you making a double serving of smoothies? A 24oz jar will probably do the trick? Do you want something that can blend up enough butternut squash soup for a potluck? Then you might want to go for the 64oz or 72oz.

Blender Height

This is an underrated metric, yet important for those whose upper kitchen counters are closer to the countertop or whose shelving in a pantry might be limited. The standard kitchen counter height is 18 inches.

What’s important: Measure the height of the spaces where you intend to use and store your new blender.

Blender Accessories and Technology

Like most products these days, manufacturers want to give you an array of upgrades and accessories that boost sales and profits. Be sure to check what’s included with the product you buy. Things like tampers and side scrapers can be invaluable if you are blending a lot. Likewise, you might want different sized jars depending on how you plan to use your new appliance. In some cases, blenders come with programming and microprocessors to accomplish what analog buttons used to do. I personally would avoid anything that required a software update because it’s likely to be abandoned at some point.

What’s important: Check the packing list (what’s in the box) for the product you want to buy to make sure it has accessories you want. Stay away from machines that need software.

Blender Durability and Factory Support

I don’t even know how to really judge the quality of things these days unless I get my hands on things. It’s so hard to wade through the reviews to find ones that really give you what you need to know. Should I get the one with averages reviews of 4.7 or 4.6?  However, there are a few things you can check beyond reviews.

Check out whether the model or brand suffers a lot of recalls by searching on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website.

Also look for the brand’s product warranty. That will give you some idea of whether the manufacturer will stand behind the product. Some people prefer products that are made in the USA. I’m not always sure this leads to better quality, but as a US citizen I prefer to buy products that are not only designed here, but manufactured here as well.

What’s important: Check the CPSC website for recalls and make sure the product has a warranty, the longer the better, especially for really expensive models.

Blender Special Powers

This is my favorite category! Some blenders have special blades that reach way up into the jar. Some have covers that help minimize noise. Some can even heat up the food you are blending, essentially making soup and blending at the same time.

What’s important: Hey, if the blender has your must-have superpower, then buy it!

Which Blender Did I Buy?

If I wanted to buy a blender to replace my old and venerable Osterizer, I would choose the equally capable and cost-effective … Oster Blender Pro.

It’s got a lot of accessories, good speed adjustment, a glass jar, and a good price point. However, I don’t blend things all that often, unless I’m using an immersion blender, which I prefer for soups. The immersion blender made my list of kitchens gift I can’t live without.

For my cousin, I purchased the Vitamix 5200 blender, which I got for $399. For me this blender’s 64 oz size, reputation for quality, blending capabilities, and remarkable 7-year warranty made the cost worth it. I also like its superpower of being able to heat soup while it’s blending it! Finally, I went for something that I would buy for myself if I really needed it. There’s no doubt that it’s expensive, however. If you want something you think you might only use sparingly then go for a cheaper model.

It’s worth noting that not all Vitamix blenders are the same. Some have been built to a price point, such as the Vitamix E310, the design of which was engineered as a different model for sale at Costco. It has basically the same features at the venerable 5200 but has a smaller 48-oz container and is built from Chinese parts and has a shorter warranty vs the 5200.

Did my Cousin Like Her New Blender?

Yes, my cousin loved her new blender! “Holy cow!” she texted. “You were supposed to find the old blender not buy us the Rolls Royce of blenders! We are speechless (which is hard to do by the way). We are not worthy!”

I will leave the decision to you, but if you buy the Vitamix as a gift be prepared for adoration.

Best-Selling Blenders under $100

Ninja BN701

Ninja BL610 Blender

Wattage: 1400w

Speeds: 3 and pulse

Capacity: 72oz

Height: 17.5 inches

Accessories & Tech: Stacked blades, push-button settings for some items, recipe guide.

Warranty & Recalls: 1 year limited warranty

Special Powers: Preset program to make ice cream. Yeah!

Bottom Line: A few dollars more than the BL610 yet has better presets, stacked blades and makes ice cream.

Instant Pot Ace Nova

Instant Pot Ace Nova

Wattage: 1000w

Speeds: 10 and pulse

Capacity: 48oz

Height: 17 inches

Accessories & Tech: No accessories software-driven controls

Warranty & Recalls: N/A

Special Powers: Cooks food after blending. Keeps food warm for up to two hours.

Bottom Line: It’s popular but based on the reviews it’s also hard to clean. Do cooking and blending really belong together in one device?

Oster Blender Pro 1200

Oster Blender Pro 1200

Wattage: 1200w

Speeds: 7

Capacity: 24oz smoothie go cup, 48oz glass jar

Height: 14.25 inches

Accessories & Tech: smoothie cup, glass jar, food processing bowl, slicing disk

Warranty & Recalls: 1 year limited warranty

Special Powers: Lot of accessories for the money.

Bottom Line: This is an Amazon Choice blender with a lot of accessories and bang for the buck.

Best-Selling Blenders $100-$300

NutriBullet Blender Combo ZNBF30500Z

NutriBullet Blender Combo

Wattage: 1200w

Speeds: 3 and pulse

Capacity: 64oz blender jar, 32oz cup, 24oz cup

Height: 16.97 inches

Accessories & Tech: two extra cups for single servings, to-go lids, tamper, recipe book.

Warranty & Recalls: 1 year limited warranty

Special Powers: N/A

Bottom Line: Similar to the Oster but a few dollars more.

Breville BBL620SIL

Breville BBL620SIL Blender

Wattage: 1100w

Speeds: 5 and pulse

Capacity: 50oz

Height: 17 inches

Accessories & Tech: No accessories. Has button presets for common blending tasks.

Warranty & Recalls: 3 year limited warranty

Special Powers: Blade design means it can perform light-duty food processing tasks.

Bottom Line: Highly rated, powerful and versatile entry in the mid-priced blender category. But I’m really not sure why you’d spring for this one over the less-expensive options.

Vitamix E310 Explorian

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

Wattage: 1400w

Speeds: 10 and pulse

Capacity: 48oz

Height: 18 inches

Accessories & Tech: Mini-tamper included.

Warranty & Recalls: Most Vitamix blenders have a 7-year warranty, but this one appears to be shorter, at 5 years.

Special Powers: Friction heating blades can warm food while it blends.

Bottom Line: These are expensive machines. This version is a product engineered to a price point. Does it give up too much to its more expensive cousins? I think if I’m going to spend big money, then I’d go for the over-engineered product, such as the Vitamix 5200.

Best-Selling Blenders $300+

Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional Grade

Vitamix 5200 Blender

Wattage: 1380w

Speeds: 10 and pulse

Capacity: 64oz

Height: 20.5 inches

Accessories & Tech: tamper

Warranty & Recalls: 7 year full warranty

Special Powers: Self-cleaning and blade create enough friction to heat items as they blend, creating soups on the fly.

Bottom Line: An older design but as my cousin calls it: “The Rolls Royce of blenders.”

Philips High Speed ProBlend HR3868/90

Philips High Speed ProBlend

Wattage: 1800w

Speeds: Variable and pulse

Capacity: 50oz

Height: 19 inches

Accessories & Tech: Dome to reduce noise.

Warranty & Recalls: I could not find warranty information on this. Not a good sign?

Special Powers: Noise-reduction dome with claim of 2x quieter than comparable models.

Bottom Line: Are you blending things while everyone is asleep? Then this might be your best choice.

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