One Great Way to Store Fresh Truffles

If you’re looking for a great way to store fresh truffles, skip the paper bag and go for something that helps you prep for a couple of truffle-infused meals.

Black Truffle in the SunlightTruffle Storage Advice From a Frenchman

I learned about this method of storing fresh truffles from a fungus purveyor at our local Ashland, OR farmer’s market. He’s a friendly Frenchman that I’ve started visiting every time I go. I pick up lobster mushrooms, lions mane mushrooms ,and then, one day, a fresh French black truffle.

Store Truffle with Eggs and Rice
Storing truffles with eggs and rice perfumes the rice and flavors the eggs without depleting the truffle flavor.

His advice was to place the truffle in an airtight container with rice and eggs. He said both would pick up the scent of the truffle and help flavor dishes made with them.

Food advice always sounds better when it’s coming from someone with a foreign accent, so when he told me how to store my new precious I could not wait to run home and give it a try.

I’ve since read the aroma of truffles binds with fats so you can also store them with cheese or butter, for instance. Or how about one stored with a good ribeye steak? Mmmmmm….

How Did I Use My Fresh Truffle?

This was not one of our local Oregon truffles, which I’ve found to be somewhat bland. This black beauty had a wonderful smell, earthy and savory, and reminiscent of our trip to Italy, where it seemed every dish had an abundance of truffle on it.

Once my truffle communed with the rice and eggs I made a truffle rice stuffing for a deboned whole chicken. The aroma of truffle and chicken filled the house that evening. It was one of those times I wished I would have remembered to walk outside for a few minutes then come back in just so I could re-smell it.

For the second dish we simple used the eggs in a few small omelets, which were cooked in a little butter and garnished with a little grated truffle, salt and pepper. The truffle flavor was subdued, but the aroma really set our palettes alight.

If you’ve tried storing truffles with other items please let me know below!

Simple Omelette With Truffle
The eggs used for this omelette were stored with a truffle, the same truffle that was grated on top.


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